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HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool v4.1 Latest Update Free


Features HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool:

Check Device
Read iCloud Info
Generate Activation Hello
Erase All Data iOS (15/16)
Hello Activate iOS (15/16)
Passcode Backup
Passcode Activate
Boot Device
Erase iDevice
Change SN
Boot Purple
Load ports
Select Port Number:
Jailbreak Checkra1n
Factory Reset
Activate Tool Free
SN/Registration Free

What’s New in HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool v4
Added: Fix Passcode Backup (05-06-2024)
Latest free version of the tool
Video explains tool features (theory & practice)
Practical demonstrations on iPhone 6 & iPhone X
Download for versions 15 & 16: Disable Windows Defender or add exception
New: Fix Download RamDisk

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