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Android Utility PRO (AUP) v140.00.3611:25:05:2024 Latest Update Tested Free

Update Android Utility PRO (AUP) v140.00.3611:25:05:2024

What's New:
Full changelog
Android Utility Tool 140 Latest Version

VIVO New Sec Read info Fastboot Mode
Restore Orange State - Fix bugs
DUMP Preloader for test point
DUMP NV Regions (Meta)

Huawei > Flasher

Load Firmware package 
Switch From FB
Firmware Update (DLOAD) 
Firmware Update (FB)
Flash Board Software (FB) 
Skip update
old HDLCa1go
Extract Update
Auto Reboot

NOTE: If when you open the tool it asks for an update, click yes and open the tool again.

Password: mfdl
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