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Official Setup Pandora Tool v6.10 Latest Version ( New Add Device )

Official Setup Pandora Tool 6.7 Latest Version

How to Install Pandora Tool PRO Setup
  1. Download the most recent version of Z3X Pandora Box Pro V6.8 to your computer.
  2. Open the folder that you extracted
  3. Run the tool as the administrator.
  4. Now, install the tool on your computer.
  5. Pick the language you want and click OK.
  6. Mark “I agree to the terms” and click “Next.”
  7. Click “I’ve read and agree to the terms,” then click “Next.”
  8. Then click Next after selecting the “Create a desktop shortcut” box.
  9. Or, you can click Next, then Install, then Finish.
What's new Pandora Tool v6.10

Pandora PRO 6.10 Update. New devices added

Added support TCL phones:
-T607DL TCL Ion V
-T608DL TCL 40 T

Added support Vortex phones:
- HD65 Ultra
- HD65 Choice
- HD65 Select
- CM62
- CG65
- CMG101
- T10M

Added support Bmobile phones:
- AX754+
- AX1073+

Added support Blackview phones:
- Blackview Color 8
- Oscal Pad 7
- Oscal Pad 80 WiFi
- Tab 90 WiFi
- Tab 16 Pro

Added support ZTE phones:
- Z6351O P650 Pro
- Z6355O P651 2021
- Z6556O A71 5G
- Z6621O Optus X Vista
- Z5155T Blade A5 2019

Fixed some bugs

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