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Official ISO Windows 11 23H2 x64 International V2 Tested

Official ISO Windows 11 23H2 x64 International V2

1. New interface
Windows 11 is famous for its significant interface and animation changes, especially in the Taskbar and Start menu. The taskbar, which initially looked flat and unattractive in Windows 10, is now more attractive and intuitive. Then the Start menu, which was originally in the lower left corner, is now in the middle with changes to the list of applications and groups that are neater and more modern.

Not only that, the Settings menu in Windows 11 has also undergone significant changes with the interface and other features also being improved. In 2023, Microsoft has also made changes to the appearance of File Explorer which looks fresher and more modern. This File Explorer change is supported by WinUI which is a Fluent Design System developed by Microsoft itself.

2. Snap Layouts and Snap Groups
Windows 11 also introduces new features called Snap Layouts and Snap Groups, which allow users to easily arrange application windows on the desktop in a more flexible way. Snap Layout in Windows 11 makes it easy for users to organize the application layout via the “Maximize” icon, then select the type of layout they want, according to their needs. This option can also be done more easily and quickly with the Windows + Z shortcut.

Meanwhile, Snap Groups themselves are where one application can have several different tasks in one group, no longer have lots of icons filling the Windows taskbar. For example, when you open 3 documents at once with Microsoft Word. Automatically, Microsoft Word will provide the 3 documents on the taskbar in 1 group, no longer separated like in Windows 10 or Windows 7.

3. Widgets
Microsoft is again presenting desktop Widgets with news panels, weather, traffic, sports, stock market data, calendars, photos of interest and various other interesting things in Windows 11. You can personalize them according to your wishes and needs, by searching, pinning, arranging, resize, and customize widgets. You can quickly show Widgets with the Windows + W shortcut. Or if you don't like them, you can hide them via Taskbar settings on your Windows 11.

4. A more modern Microsoft Store
Microsoft has also made an extraordinary overhaul of the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. Everything in the Microsoft Store is now structured and organized, based on application type, making it easier for users to download and install applications. Reportedly, Android applications will be supported on Windows 11, although this is still in the process of further development.

5. Focus Sessions
Now, you can also use the Focus Session feature in Windows 11. This is a feature that allows you to focus on doing assignments, studying, or working according to the time you have set. You can use this feature via the Alarm and Clock application. You can also integrate your tasks in Microsoft To-Do into this feature to make it easier for you to check and complete your daily tasks.

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