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New NZO Xiaomi MTK Tool V1.0 Stable Update Free


Supported Features:

Factory Reset: This feature allows you to perform a factory reset on your MTK smartphone. It erases all data and settings, restoring the device to its factory default state.
Safe Format (Old Mode1): A more advanced version of the factory reset, this feature not only wipes data and settings but also performs a deeper clean of the device’s storage, ensuring no traces of your data remain.
Erase FRP (Factory Reset Protection): With this feature, you can remove FRP protection from your MTK smartphone. FRP prevents unauthorized users from resetting the device to its factory default state.
Reset MI Cloud: For Xiaomi smartphones, this feature allows you to reset MI Cloud—a cloud storage service that facilitates data backup and synchronization.
Unlock Bootloader: By using this feature, you can unlock the bootloader on your MTK smartphone. This grants root access, enabling tasks like installing custom ROMs.
Relock Bootloader: If you need to restore your device to its original state or encounter issues with a custom ROM, this feature lets you relock the bootloader.

Password: NZO
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