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FENIX UTILITY V1.1 Free Download



FENIX UTILITY is a software application that allows you to access and control your Android devices remotely via a web-based panel. You can rent the tool for a specific period of time and use it to perform various tasks on your devices, such as:

– IMEI repair: You can generate new IMEI numbers or restore the original ones for your devices, especially if they are blacklisted or blocked by the network.

– Xiaomi Enable Diag: You can enable the diagnostic mode on your Xiaomi devices with a simple APK installation, which allows you to access advanced settings and features

– ADB and Fastboot commands: You can execute various commands on your devices using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and Fastboot modes, such as reading device information, rebooting, flashing firmware, erasing data, and more.

– MTK erase: You can erase the NVRAM and NVdata partitions on your MediaTek devices, which store important information such as IMEI, WiFi, Bluetooth, and network settings.

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