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Firmware AutoPatch Samsung S10 Plus G975F OS12 U16 | Reset No Lost Network



Pre-Rooted: It comes with root access already enabled, removing the need to root the device manually after flashing.
SafetyNet Bypass: It often includes mechanisms to bypass Google's SafetyNet security check, allowing you to use apps that rely on root detection.
Customization Potential: It may accommodate additional features or modifications not available in official firmware, such as custom kernels or ROMs.
Official Firmware Modification: Developers start with official Samsung firmware files.
Root Injection: They inject root files, such as Magisk, into the firmware's AP (system) partition.
Security Patches: They may apply patches to circumvent Samsung's security checks.
Repackaging: The modified firmware is then packaged into a flashable file format.

Password: AUTOPATCH2023HT
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