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Windows 10 PRO Gaming | SuperLite Compact X64 | Version 2009 (20H2)


- Compact Integrated + LZX (algorithm)
- Forced .NET Framework 4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7/4.8
- Bloatware FREE!!
- Optimized Pagefile/Services/Scheduled/Search Indexer
- Privacy Optimizations & Performante mode!
- Ghost Toolbox! (Add or Remove Windows Store and Much More!)
- Cortana Removes (You can add it back using Ghost Toolbox for WIN10 version 2004/2009)
- Support Other Language & Keyboard
- Support UWP Games / UWP Apps (ex. Forza/GOW/etc etc)
- Stock Drivers is not removed (and...stops asking me... why my drivers not detect :P)
- Ghost Custom Bootable with more features!
- GhostDark Purple V2 Themes!
- GHOST DARK (Full dark themes Beta Test)
- Updatable (Can update to latest build windows10 version 2009/2004)
- Window update can be paused until 2030!

Editions that can be upgraded to
- Professional Education
- Professional Workstation
- Education
- Professional CountrySpecific
- Professional Single Language
- IoT Enterprise
- Enterprise

Remove/Disables component
- Removes Windows Apps and System Apps / Cortana
- Removes Windows Security / Defender / Smartscreen
- Disable Remote Desktop  / Tablet keyboard / NFC / Clipboard  / Focus Assist - (Superlite only)
- Removes OneDrive
- Disable Action Center / Notifications - (Superlite only)
- Telemetry - (Superlite only)
- Removes Errors reports - (Superlite only)
- Disable UAC (Never notify)
- Removes WinSxS backup
- Removes Winre (can add on Ghost Toolbox)

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